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Channel Guide interviews Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman.
Channel Guide interviews Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman.
3/6/2013 by Dogteam


On their new series, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt — which premieres April 21 on CMT — Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman help other bond agencies master the business of hunting bad guys on the loose. But that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their mantra of mercy and their belief in the use of non-lethal weapons.   The Chapmans say the premise for the new show was based on the realization that their popular A&E series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, led to a boom in new bail agents, many of whom are not properly trained for the job — and because they feel the current presidential administration is endangering their trade. “Legislation coming through this administration [is] socializing bail bonds,” says Beth, who serves as senior vice president of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States. “So people at this level of the bail-bonds business need to make it their business to make sure that the other 15,000 bail agents do their businesses correctly. That they’re safe. We don’t want guns being spread across America into the hands of bail agents or into the hands of bounty hunters that don’t necessarily need to use them.”   The duo explains that their belief in using firearms only as a backup extends beyond ensuring the safety of their fellow bond agents and their prey — it also goes right to the heart of the integrity of their industry. “You can catch someone pumping gas into their car and you don’t need a gun,” Beth says. “There are all kinds of ways to use trickery to capture someone without hurting them. Because at the end of the day, bail bonds and bounty hunting is about money. And we’re not going to kill for money. That’s why our philosophy is a bit different — we want to love them out of it. We want to give them a little bit of hope and some mercy that they haven’t seen before.” “Duane and I, we serve an industry that we love, that we care about, and we don’t really need to write bail bonds anymore. But we want to,” Beth continues. “With this this show, it gives us a much better opportunity to go across the country to all these other bail companies and lend our services to them and to help them streamline their businesses and get their jumps under control in a way that there are no crises. We need to be a productive part of the law, so we can justify our existence in the justice system as well.”     I sat down with Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman after a recent press conference announcing Dog and Beth: On the Hunt to discuss the new show, why they feel that a compassionate take down is usually best — and why their bounties seeing themselves on TV is sometimes the biggest life changer of all.       Channel Guide Magazine: You guys have been at this for a very long time, and this time around it looks like you’re helping take down more dangerous criminals than you did on Dog The Bounty Hunter. Did you discover you still had something left to learn about your job and industry when you traveled to other agencies for the new show?   Beth: For me, it brought a greater understanding of why some of the states allow their bondsmen to carry concealed weapons. Because they really are in peril. They’ve got really dangerous fugitives running there and we want to make sure these guys are trained in weaponry so they can protect themselves. If someone pulls a gun on us, it’s rightful for us to pull a gun on them. But you need to be prepared to use a gun if you pull a gun. So we really wanted to be prepared enough to encourage people to have a primary weapon that is not lethal and a lethal weapon as a secondary weapon. And that a lethal weapon is to be used only when your life is being threatened. I think that’s just got to be a universal message all across the country. We’re training them that mistakes that you make are a reflection on our entire industry. So we’ve got to keep them doing things above board and in a peaceable way so that we can continue to keep our industry — which is the second oldest industry in history.   Please read the rest of the interview including lots from Dog, Leland and Beth at    http://www.channelguidemagblog.com/index.php/2013/03/06/dog-and-beth-on-the-hunt/comment-page-1/#comment-427259

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