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08/10/2016 by Dogteam
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Two special kids visiting Hawaii had their wish come true when they got to meet Duane "Dog" Chapman and his posse on Tuesday.
07/25/2016 by Dogteam
Follow Dog and the Posse on Social Media !
06/08/2016 by Dogteam
Come join us, bring your agents, bring your families to ?#?BiloxiMS? 7/10-13 Register Now @PBUS.com
05/17/2016 by Dogteam
Honolulu, HI (Tuesday, May 17, 2016) – Duane and Beth Chapman, of A&E’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and CMT’s “Dog and Beth: On The Hunt,” are saddened to confirm the passing of Duane’s younger sister, Jolene Kay Martinez, 62, of Denver Colorado.
05/15/2016 by Dogteam
yfy says its creature feature Sharknado: The 4th Awakens will include cameo appearances by reality TV personalities Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, Cynthia Bailey,
05/14/2016 by Dogteam
Hundreds of people stood in conditions akin to early March rather than May at AA American Bail Bonds in Galion on Saturday to meet the son of a dog
05/03/2016 by Dogteam
HARTFORD >> Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and his wife, Beth, who ended their reality television show in what they referred to as an attempt to “save” the bail industry,
04/08/2016 by Dogteam
BOISE — One year after a man was shot to death by bounty hunters in eastern Idaho, a state bill was introduced in this legislative session that would have created regulations for bail enforcement agents.
04/07/2016 by Dogteam
Dog , Beth and the Chapman Family were deeply saddened by the passing of Country Music Legend Merle Haggard and send condolences and prayers to the Haggard Family
03/31/2016 by Dogteam
A Hawaii Island man serving a 20-year sentence will have his prison time cut in half, thanks to President Obama.
03/25/2016 by Dogteam
Bail bond baroness Beth Chapman, wife of Duane Chapman, aka “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” won her National Bail Bonds Association presidential bid Wednesday afternoon during the 32nd annual convention at the Luxor.
03/04/2016 by Dogteam
Enjoy and inspirational talk and get your photo taken with Dog the Bounty Hunter! Worley Idaho ! See story for ticket link
02/24/2016 by Dogteam
Beth Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife, seeks National Bail Bonds presidency
02/16/2016 by Dogteam
Bill Kreins Endorses Beth Chapman for PBUS President
02/04/2016 by Dogteam
Deborah Snow President and Chair of the Board/Director of Accredited Surety and and Casualty Company endorses Beth Chapman for PBUS President
01/29/2016 by Dogteam
HONOLULU, Jan. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In an overwhelming ruling in favor of the bail industry, California Federal Judge Gonzalez Rogers struck down motions in a federal lawsuit seeking to eliminate cash bail i
01/28/2016 by Dogteam
TV’s Beth Chapman, of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” fame, is using her celebrity status to argue against a lawsuit seeking to dismantle San Francisco’s bail system
01/26/2016 by Dogteam
Oakland, California - In a bold move to protect the industry in which she has worked for over 30 years, Beth Chapman will appear on behalf of the California Bail Agents Association (CBAA) on January 26th in the Oakland Federal Court.
01/12/2016 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth Chapman to leave CMT reality series to pursue national bail agent role as Beth runs for the Presidency of Professional Bail Agents of the United States.
12/31/2015 by Dogteam
Dog The Bounty Hunter, wife Beth and son Leland along with William Shatner and others filmed in a new music video by singer Brian Evans Wednesday
12/28/2015 by Dogteam
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all of you from Dog The Bounty Hunter and his family
12/20/2015 by Dogteam
Ethan Couch now has his very own #Wanted poster
12/13/2015 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty Hunter spoke to ICTMN about his experience in searching for the mother of five. Dog had offered a 10,000 reward for information leading to Downwind
12/03/2015 by Dogteam
Restocked for the holidays ?#?dogthebountyhunter? Fisher Of Man Tee Available online or in all three stores @kokomarinacenter @dakinedoghousehi
11/27/2015 by Dogteam
There's so much to be Grateful for Today . Relax enjoy focus on the family Lord Please Bless our Absent ones !
11/14/2015 by Dogteam
We are horrified by what happened in Paris. Our thoughts & prayers are with the Parisian people and emergency services who are trying to handle this terrible situation
11/01/2015 by Dogteam
After reports that the granddaughter of Dennis Banks, Rose Downwind, has been missing since October 19th, Dog the Bounty Hunter has joined the search to find her
10/31/2015 by Dogteam
A reality TV star may come to Bemidji next week, according to his spokesperson. “Dog the Bounty Hunter may show up to help in the search for a missing woman
10/31/2015 by Dogteam
Friends, family and authorities looking for missing Rose Downwind are getting some extra help in the form of Duane Chapman – better known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”
10/31/2015 by Dogteam
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter is reportedly lending his services in a search for a missing northern Minnesota woman.
10/30/2015 by Dogteam
Bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman has donated $10,000 as a reward for any information leading to safe return of Rose Downwind, a mother of five from Redby, Minn., missing for 10 days.
10/30/2015 by Dogteam
Bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman has donated $10,000 as a reward for any information leading to safe return of Rose Downwind, a mother of five from Redby, Minn., missing for 10 days.
10/29/2015 by Dogteam
Wishin' a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the queen of the #DogPound Beth Chapman!
10/13/2015 by Dogteam
Come by one of our three Locations or order on line All kinds of new stuff and sizes. Books are in stock ! ?it out ! You can also order by calling (303)-462-2663 or email us at thebountystore@gmail.com
09/29/2015 by Dogteam
Are you ready for the return of Dog and Beth: On the Hunt? Don't miss a piece of the action starting Saturday 3rd October at 3pm on CBS Realty.
09/23/2015 by Dogteam
"I have to agree with 4freedom HPD has an unsafe environment for bail agents and bounty hunters bringing in wanted parties" Beth Chapman
09/14/2015 by Dogteam
SHOULD WE HAVE LISTENED TO DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER’S WIFE? “Bail reform comes at a cost,” by The Burlington County Times’ Rose Krebs
09/13/2015 by Dogteam
Despite a week of monsoon rains and a weather forecast that included thunderstorms, the skies cleared and the stars came out for the "Hawaii Five-0" Sunset on the Beach season six premiere Saturday.
09/04/2015 by Dogteam
Come on out and meet us ! Couer d’Alene Casino Resort
09/02/2015 by Dogteam
*WANTED* LUKE WARREN ! LARGE CASH REWARD ! Last seen in California
08/31/2015 by Dogteam
The season may be over, but you can re-watch the 2-hour finale AND the rest of the season online now!
08/13/2015 by Dogteam
“The adrenaline pretty much rules all. You get very excited, especially if you’re positive that they are there. You’ve got your team with you and that rush just kind of blows you away,” Cecily Chapman told Examiner in a recent interview.
08/12/2015 by Dogteam
The Professional Bail Agents of Idaho Inc. is proud to announce that Beth and Duane Chapman will be attending the Fall conference in lovely Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.
08/09/2015 by Dogteam
Did you miss the #CMTDogAndBeth crew sweeping the streets of #Texas in new episodes Saturday at 9/8c! The Dog returns home is online now !
08/06/2015 by Dogteam
Ali Montag’s description of what happened to Kalief Browder is not only misguided but crosses into the realm of irresponsible journalism and that irresponsibility detracts us from the very real problems facing New York’s criminal justice system.
08/04/2015 by Dogteam
Though he tries to forge a human connection with every fugitive he captures, Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman says this season of his Saturday night CMT hit Dog and Beth: On the Hunt is an especially personal one — because of his own redemption.
07/26/2015 by Dogteam
There is a plan for you. Often, that plan isn’t something that you can clearly see. But it is there, nonetheless. And, it is just waiting for you to discover it. And that’s where the tough love of CMT’s most dangerous couple, Dog and Beth, comes in.
07/19/2015 by Dogteam
There’s perhaps no better example of a person turning his or her life around than Duane “Dog” Chapman
07/19/2015 by Dogteam
Follow the "Dog" The Bounty Hunter Posse on Twitter. Here are the Official Authorized Accounts
07/18/2015 by Dogteam
The Chapmans are back! Get ready for an all-new season of wild pursuits and action-packed captures with America's most beloved bounty hunting family
07/04/2015 by Dogteam
Get ready for an all-new season of wild pursuits and action-packed captures. America’s most beloved bounty hunting family is back with an all-new season of Dog and Beth: On the Hunt,
06/30/2015 by Dogteam
This was the Super Bowl of Manhunts I was so lucky to be a spectator to this massive moving operation and commentating for our network, CMT.
06/29/2015 by Dogteam
AKWESASNE—Armed with shotguns and AR-15s, a group of about five men from Akwesasne searched through swamp and thick bush on the edge of the territory
06/28/2015 by Dogteam
Just coming in from a long drive back. It's been a very long and active day and much different than last night. Lots of information coming out, but SWEAT remains at Large.
06/28/2015 by Dogteam
MALONE – One desperate man continued to elude 1,200 police as they searched 22 square miles of rugged, mountainous land in the northern Adirondacks on Saturday.
06/28/2015 by Dogteam
DANNEMORA – A set of manholes, just a few steps apart, sits at the corner of Bouck and Barker streets in this village.
06/27/2015 by Dogteam
Hawaii's most famous bounty hunter has joined the search for two escaped murderers in upstate New York. Duane 'Dog' Chapman tells me by phone, he and his wife Beth are in Malone, New York
06/27/2015 by Dogteam
Very strange things happening !yesterday we were miles of the shoot out with Richard Matt The cops up in that area were more like 2000 officers after the shoot out.
06/27/2015 by Dogteam
Longhouse member searches Adirondacks to protect family and land. "I'm out here so they don't make it to Akwesasne," said Kanaretiio, from the Bear Clan.
06/23/2015 by Dogteam
06/22/2015 by Dogteam
Is a television bounty-hunting team ready to leave their tropical paradise for a trip to the Adirondacks to monitor the manhunt for escaped convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat?
06/19/2015 by Dogteam
Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman has one idea about how the prisoners who escaped from an upstate New York prison have eluded law enforcement for almost two weeks: the Internet.
06/17/2015 by Dogteam
"Dog and Beth : On The Hunt " is back with new episodes in 2015. The world's most renowned bounty hunters Dog and Beth Chapman are taking their show on the road. Only on Country Music Television
06/11/2015 by Dogteam
From Beth Chapman : I almost never say what I really think on here but today I'm breaking my silence . The story below disturbs me greatly for many reasons
06/07/2015 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty Hunter talks New York prison breakout on Fox News
05/24/2015 by Dogteam
Hey Bail Agents Come Join Duane "Dog" Chapman, Beth Chapman &Leland B Chapman at the PBUS summer Conference
05/20/2015 by Dogteam
On the occasion of Beth and Dog Chapman's 9th Anniversary, Beth has some fantastic advice for newlyweds
05/04/2015 by Dogteam
Duane "Dog" " Chapman is a guest starting tthis Friday on the smash CBS series, "Hawaii Five-O ! "Hawaii-50 can be seen Fridays at 9pm on CBS TV. Check your local listing for channel number
04/27/2015 by Dogteam
Look for Cecily Chapman in the upcoming Season 3 of "Dog And Beth : On The Hunt
04/26/2015 by Dogteam
Duane "Dog" Chapman, the bounty hunter star of "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt," discusses his reality show and the debate about law enforcement and the use of body cameras. He speaks with Bloomberg's Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)
04/25/2015 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth will be appearing in the media to talk about Season 3 of "Dog And Beth : On The Hunt " . Appearances will be updated here as they occur
04/19/2015 by Dogteam
Follow your favorite members of the DTBH #CMTDogAndBeth Posse On Instagram. See inside photos of life at work and at home.
04/09/2015 by Dogteam
Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, and his wife Beth signed a lease this week on a bail bond business in Baldwin County Alabama.
03/25/2015 by Dogteam
"Dog And Beth : On The Hunt " is looking for your original music for the show !
03/24/2015 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth spent an amazing day Monday on the set of the smash CBS Hit " Hawaii 5-0.. Here is a photo of Dog and Hawaii 5-0 Star Alex O'Loughlin. See more of Dog And Beth on the new season of #CMTDogAndBeth
03/15/2015 by Dogteam
Dog The Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman and the Posse are #OnTheHunt in Texas. New season begins soon on @CMT !
03/03/2015 by Dogteam
Dog The Bounty Hunter and his posse are on the Hunt , filming new episodes of #CMTDogAndBeth
02/27/2015 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth and friends enjoyed an amazing concert by Country Superstars Rascal Flatts
02/26/2015 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth Chapman attended their good friend Carrot Top's Birthday Party during a visit to Las Vegas. A good time was had by all
02/02/2015 by Dogteam
Today, Feb 2nd, is Duane " Dog" Chapmans Birthday. If you want to wish "Dog" a Happy Birthday, you can go to any of the following sites.
01/02/2015 by Dogteam
The Chapman Family are now on Facebook. This is a current list of all authorized pages is available when you click on the link
12/30/2014 by Dogteam
Merry Christmas from all of our family to you and your loved ones. See you in 2015 !!
12/12/2014 by Dogteam
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A big name in reality TV made a stop in Huntington to help in the fight against drugs and crime
12/05/2014 by Dogteam
Honolulu, HI – Beth Chapman and her husband, Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman, of CMT’s “Dog and Beth: On The Hunt” are sad to announce the passing of Beth’s father, Donald Johannsen of Bella Vista, Arkansas.
10/27/2014 by Dogteam
HUNTINGTON — The Healing Place of Huntington is proud to announce the 2nd annual Embrace Hope event is set for 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 12. The event features TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife Beth Chapman
10/07/2014 by Dogteam
If you missed any of the exciting episodes from Season Two of " Dog And Beth: On The Hunt", you can now find them online thanks to Country Music Television, CMT.
10/03/2014 by Dogteam
Be prepared for an episode full of surprises as Beth and the Chapman clan put together a secret party for Dog's birthday.
09/29/2014 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth will be coming to Oklahoma City for a Campaign Rally for Senator Ralph Shortey. Anyone is welcome to this event with a minimum donation of $25 for a ticket and a canned food item
09/25/2014 by Dogteam
Be prepared for an episode full of surprises as Beth and the Chapman clan put together a secret party for Dog's birthday.
09/08/2014 by Dogteam
About the episode, "There's Something About Mary Ellen" Dog and Beth head back to Colorado to help their old friend and mentor Mary Ellen Pollack
09/06/2014 by Dogteam
Huntington Mayor Steve Williams is asking for a special prayer request this weekend for to help combat drugs and crime in the city.
09/04/2014 by Dogteam
For most people, a Hawaiian vacation is a dream come true.But for one 12-year-old girl, she didn’t just fly almost 5,000 miles to come to paradise. She came to meet her hero: Dog the Bounty Hunter.
09/03/2014 by Dogteam
Honolulu, HI – The world’s most renowned bounty hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman, is more excited this week about meeting 12-year-old Maria Canales than he is about bounty hunting!
09/01/2014 by Dogteam
The world's most renowned bounty hunters, Dog and Beth Chapman, are taking their show back on the road in the new series of Dog And Beth: On The Hunt.
08/28/2014 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth head to the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee, to help Andy Baggenstoss of Cumberland Bail Bonds bring in some tough runners from the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.
08/25/2014 by Dogteam
If you missed Saturday's show from NOLA, or want to enjoy it again !!, Saturday's show is now online for viewing. Catch Part Two from NOLA.
08/21/2014 by Dogteam
In the exciting conclusion of this two-part episode, Dog and Beth take the Statewide team's training to the next level.
08/19/2014 by Dogteam
In hour one of this exciting two-part episode, Dog and Beth head to New Orleans to help Steven Donnes
08/18/2014 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty Hunter is going high tech, because he's now figured out a failsafe way to unleash the dog pound on criminals ... thanks to War Machine.
08/15/2014 by Dogteam
Duane Chapman -- has vowed to find War Machine, the Spike TV/Bellator mixed-martial-arts fighter who is accused of savagely beating his girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack.
08/14/2014 by Dogteam
War Machine has until 7 PM Tuesday to turn himself in to cops ... or else the most famous bloodhound in the US -- Dog the Bounty Hunter -- will be gunnin' for him.
08/13/2014 by Dogteam
Duane "Dog" Chapman took to his Twitter account and revealed that he is also going to go on the hunt for War Machine if the MMA fighter fails to turn himself in today.
08/13/2014 by Dogteam
LOS ANGELES — Dog the Bounty Hunter confirmed Tuesday that he had officially begun the manhunt for War Machine, aka Jon Koppenhaver
08/12/2014 by Dogteam
In case you were wondering, Dog the Bounty Hunter is completely serious about catching War Machine, aka Jonathan Koppenhaver. And he wants SportsGrid to help. What could possibly go wrong?
08/12/2014 by Dogteam
Beth Chapman, the reality TV star and wife of "Dog the Bounty Hunter," has written an op-ed opposing New Jersey's bail reform measures. (Courtesy CMT)
08/09/2014 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth journey to Taos, New Mexico, to help ex-judge Erminio Martinez and his daughter Amy track down a drug addicted runner who has threatened to leave town
08/08/2014 by Dogteam
There’s been a lot of stakeholders with a lot to say about bail reform in New Jersey. Enter Beth Chapman — wife of Duane “Dog” Chapman,
07/30/2014 by Dogteam
Veteran Alabama bondsman Gage Huffstetler of Fast Feet Bail Bonds reaches out to Dog and Beth with an emergency.
07/24/2014 by Dogteam
When Dog and Beth visit Leland on the Big Island, their vacation quickly turns into a hunt. Leland has two tough jumps in the rural wilds of Hilo.
07/23/2014 by Dogteam
This morning, Dog and Beth Chapman dropped by the FOX 31, Denver Studios to talk all about the new show, "Dog And Beth : On The Hunt "
07/22/2014 by Dogteam
Saturday afternoon, Beth Chapman was interviewed on "The Jake Pentland Show. A very interesting interview that you won't want to miss. Link in the story
07/17/2014 by Dogteam
"Love Conquers All" Dog and Beth's old friend Leo Urban from Leo's Bail Bonds in Mason, Michigan, is getting married. The last time Dog and Beth saw Leo, they were hunting Ricky Wheeldon
07/15/2014 by Dogteam
MASON, MI – South-central Michigan is once again serving as the setting for an episode of "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt."
07/11/2014 by Dogteam
A brand new episode of #CMTDogAndBeth The Long Arm of the Dog" Saturday at 9/8c
07/10/2014 by Dogteam
Duane "Dog' Chapman may be the world's most famous bounty hunter, tracking down bad guys and hauling them off to the slammer, but back in his heyday he was more in to evading.
07/01/2014 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth head up to Sacramento, Calif., to visit their old friend Topo Padilla.
06/27/2014 by Dogteam
In an inspiring story of family and faith, Dog and Beth visit their friends Royce and Alesia Kyser in Foley, Ala. Royce was recently diagnosed with lung cancer
06/24/2014 by Dogteam
TV’s top bounty hunters Dog and Beth Chapman, their heartthrob son Leland and his heartthrob-in-the-making son Dakota are back with all-new episodes of their hit CMT reality series, Dog and Beth
06/23/2014 by Dogteam
CBS Reality has acquired the exclusive fist run UK broadcast rights to the second season of Dog And Beth: On The Hunt from international distributor Electus.
06/18/2014 by Dogteam
In part two, of two, Dog and Beth continue to help their old friend Jeff Kirkpatrick at Lodise Bail Bonds.
06/14/2014 by Dogteam
The second season of Dog And Beth : On The Hunt Begins this Saturday June 14th, only CMT !
06/12/2014 by Dogteam
Chat LIVE with Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth Chapman today(Fri) at 3p ET / 12p PT on Facebook !! They'll get ya prepped for the season premiere Saturday at 9/8c on CMT.
06/11/2014 by Dogteam
Cody gets the lowdown on season two of Dog & Beth: On the Hunt. Read more: http://www.aftermidnite.com/media/podcast-videos-cmtradiolive_videos/cody-interviews-dog-beth-chapman-part-24883625/#ixzz34TbG3GrW
06/11/2014 by Dogteam
The Chapman Family Posse Members are now on Facebook. Please stop by and give a like and say hi, to Dog, Beth, Leland and Dakota. Official Fan Pages are here !!
06/09/2014 by Dogteam
The world's most famous bounty hunters are taking their crime-fighting team on the road in CMT's "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt."
06/05/2014 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth attended the CMT Awards In Nashville Wednesday and it was a fabulous night. Thanks to CMT for a great time. Son Leland and Grandson Dakota also attended the festivities
06/05/2014 by Dogteam
CMT stars Dog and Beth Chapman stops to talk with Tennessean music writer Cindy Watts while at the 2014 CMT Awards Red Carpet at Bridgestone Arena. (6/4/2014) Karen Kraft / The Tennessean
05/30/2014 by Dogteam
FAN CLUB PARTY - JUNE 5, 2014 $25.00. Join Chris, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth and Leland & Dakota from 11-2:15. See story for ticket purchase details
05/29/2014 by Dogteam
CBS Chello Zone UK Partnership Channels today confirmed the exclusive return of Dog and Beth: On the Hunt to CBS Reality.
05/22/2014 by Dogteam
Nashville – May 22, 2014 – The world’s most notorious bounty hunters, Dog and Beth Chapman, are back! Their hit television show, DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT debuts an all-new season on CMT on Saturday, June 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
05/15/2014 by Dogteam
LAKEWOOD - Lakewood police are involved with Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth in the apprehension of a suspect Thursday afternoon near Pierce Street and Colorado Drive.
05/15/2014 by Dogteam
'Dog the Bounty Hunter,' crew involved in Lakewood car chase, suspect apprehension,
05/13/2014 by Staff
A List Of The Twitter Accounts Of Dog And Posse'
05/07/2014 by Dogteam
Dog The Bounty Hunter with Beth & The Groove Hawgs at Grizzly Rose on 05/10/14 in support of Elect MaryEllen Pollack
04/11/2014 by Dogteam
Television’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter” believes that Oklahoma’s new regulations will discourage shootings and other “cowboy stuff” during pursuits of bail jumpers
03/31/2014 by Dogteam
FOX10 News got exclusive access to Dog and Beth, stars of the hit CMT show Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. Their crew has been sighted in Robertsdale, Bay Minette, and Tillman’s Corner, over the last few days.
03/25/2014 by Dogteam
Happy 19th Birthday to the newest and youngest posse member, Dakota Chapman. Dakota is Leland's oldest son and the Grandson of the legendary Duane "Dog" Chapman
03/21/2014 by Dogteam
ROBERTSDALE, Alabama - Christian Gully was on the run for two years, accused of jumping bail on drug distribution charges in Baldwin County
03/19/2014 by Dogteam
ROBERTSDALE, Ala. -- Anyone traveling north on Highway 59 in Robertsdale on Wednesday could probably not have missed the large bus, not to mention several large black vehicles parked in front of Fast Feet Bail Bond Co.
03/19/2014 by Dogteam
This week, Dog, Beth, Leland, Dakota and the rest of the Posse are filming in Alabama. This photo was posted by Beth on Twitter @MRSDOGC. The Posse is filming Season 2 of " Dog And Beth :On The Hunt" right now !!
03/18/2014 by Dogteam
Our team WILL return for Season 2 next year! We'll keep you posted on the exact date.
02/27/2014 by Dogteam
Beth Chapman was elected to the position of Senior Vice President of The " Professional Bail Agents Of The United States" today. Congratulations to Beth and thank you to the many voters !
02/26/2014 by Dogteam
The Catshack spoke at length via Skype with young Garry Chapman, Duane “Dog” Chapman’s boy, or should we say “Dog the Bounty Hunter”
02/17/2014 by Dogteam
The Posse is working hard in LA to bring fans season 2 of "DOG And Beth ; On The Hunt" The action begins this spring only on Country Music Television
02/07/2014 by Dogteam
The world's most renowned bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman, celebrated his 61st birthday Thursday night with more than 150 friends and family.
02/05/2014 by Dogteam
The world’s most renowned bounty hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman, turned 61 on February 2nd, but will be celebrating this Thursday, February 6th, with a private, star-studded bash in the Monarch Room at The Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki, from 5:30-9:00 p.m.
02/04/2014 by Dogteam
Beth Chapman posted tonight on Twitter "Seriously thanking god my children are alive tonight drunk driver struck their car coming in from filming #CMTDOGANDBETH On The Hunt "
02/02/2014 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife just got wrecked in a nasty multi-car hit and run accident in Hawaii. Dog and Beth did not suffer any major injuries
01/28/2014 by Dogteam
Duane “Dog” Chapman, who stars with his wife, Beth, and son, Leland, in the CMT cable television reality show “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt,” was responding to a story published Tuesday by Stephens Media Hawaii.
01/20/2014 by Dogteam
Join Dog, Beth, Leland, Dakota and the whole "Dog And Beth : On The Hunt gang" on Instagram. See insider photos you won't see anywhere else
12/28/2013 by Dogteam
Hau’oli Makahiki Hou. from our family to yours ! All the best, see you in 2014
12/27/2013 by Dogteam
@PBUS2 winter conference coming up in Vegas 2014 it's an election year !!! Agents please follow @PBUS2 for more information" Duane "Dog" Chapman will be one of the featured speakers !
12/13/2013 by Dogteam
Merry Christmas from The Chapman Family and all their employees, to you and your family. We wish you all the best in 2014 ! Thanks for a great 2013. The Best is yet to come !!
11/27/2013 by Dogteam
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thank you for your support and kindness and all the nice words about out new show, "Dog And Beth: On The Hunt" We will see you all in season 2 next year. Blessings and love from the Chapmans
11/27/2013 by Dogteam
This is a list of legitimate Chapman related Facebook pages.
11/26/2013 by Dogteam
Beth Chapman will NOT face any punishment for calling a teenage girl a slut and a whore and other choice names .. because officials in Colorado have decided not to prosecute her.
11/04/2013 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty Hunter says “Bounty hunters are getting killed across America, but guns are not the answer!”
11/02/2013 by Dogteam
We've got Leland B Chapman and family doin' some southern huntin' in Alabama on the new Fan Edition TONIGHT at 9/8c! on CMT
11/01/2013 by Dogteam
It is with great sadness that Buttons Kaluhiokalani passed away in California, surrounded by his family and friends. Buttons was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.
10/23/2013 by Dogteam
Dog & Beth have been on the road helping others, but the jumps are piling up in Oahu. The team is called into action by Rainy Robinson, their bondsman at Da Kine Bail Bonds, to chase two fugitives that have taken advantage of the Chapman's long absence.
10/17/2013 by Dogteam
This week, celebrated bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, his wife Beth, son Leland and grandson Dakota, are called to Seattle when Dog discovers internal strife at Randy Bosley’s family-owned Pacific Northwest Bail Bonding
10/11/2013 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI – Realty television stars Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and wife Beth Chapman recently wrapped up their second extended stay in the Jackson area in less than a year
10/09/2013 by Dogteam
It is with great sadness that our friend Buttons has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The money raised will go to to assist him and his family with medical and living expenses.
10/04/2013 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth travel across the county in order to support and advise fellow bondsmen and bounty hunters across the country as they hunt down some of America's most dangerous criminals.
10/03/2013 by Dogteam
ADRIAN — Duane "Dog" Chapman and his wife, Beth, of the Country Music Television show "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt," were in Adrian
10/01/2013 by Dogteam
Great news for our Canadian Fans. Dog And Beth : On The Hunt. Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning October 2 On OLN !
09/30/2013 by Dogteam
Beth and Dog Chapman Speak at Ohio Bail Agents Annual Conf FRI OCT 4 Hear them speak + photo fundraiser opp
09/27/2013 by Dogteam
On the 11th of July 2013 the New Zealand government passed a new law, allowing animals to be used to test party pills. Please sign the Petition in the story below
09/18/2013 by Dogteam
This Saturday, Dog, Beth and the Posse get a call from Bill and Renee Honea at #1 Bail Bonds in Huntsville, Ala. Join us for a full hour of action at 9/8C on CMT
09/03/2013 by Dogteam
Saturday’s episode of the hit television show “Dog and Beth: On the hunt.” This latest episode starred Willadsen and the rest of the crew at Action Bail Bonds, a Casper-based bond service.
08/30/2013 by Dogteam
A Casper bail bond company will join celebrity bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman on Saturday’s episode of "Dog and Beth: On the hunt. on CMT
08/22/2013 by Dogteam
LOS ANGELES – August 22, 2013 – CMT’s current No. 1 series, DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT, returns with brand new episodes on a new night and time this Saturday, August 24 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CMT
08/20/2013 by Dogteam
We've got a #Dogathon of all 11 eps from Season 1 , Part 1 Friday starting at 9am/8c.on CMT. New Episodes Begin Saturday at 9/8c pm
08/13/2013 by Dogteam
The family of Hawaii-based bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman say he's not on the trail of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden.
07/26/2013 by Dogteam
HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- TV’s most famous bounty hunter made his way into Huntsville this week, and his camera crews and fans were in tow, reports The Times’ news partner, WHNT News 19.
07/22/2013 by Dogteam
The second half of season one of "Dog and Beth, On The Hunt" begins Saturday August 24th at 9pm on CMT !
07/02/2013 by Dogteam
The success is fueled by new additions to CMT’s lineup including the April launch of DOG & BETH: ON THE HUNT, which ranks as the network’s top current series
07/01/2013 by Dogteam
The bounty hunter and reality television star, his wife, Beth Chapman, and their entourage have been in town several days shooting an episode for their Country Music Television show “Dog and Beth: On The Hunt
06/25/2013 by Dogteam
They spotted him lifting weights at the gym. Or maybe walking around Glenrock. Someone heard he was staying at the Ramkota. Or was it the Ramada?
06/06/2013 by Dogteam
Sassy and sweet Miranda Lambert snagged a much-deserved award for CMT Performance of the Year at the 2013 CMT Music Awards for ‘Over You,’ presented by Dog and Beth Chapman
05/30/2013 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth will be presenters at the 2013 CMT Music Awards this Wednesday at 8/7c. It's fan voted, so make your picks: http://at.cmt.com/lxW4M
05/23/2013 by Dogteam
Celebrate Memorial Day With DOG AND BETH Enhanced Fan Episodes Featuring Onscreen Social Interaction on Sunday, May 26 from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. ET/PT and encoring later that night.
05/21/2013 by Dogteam
05/20/2013 by Dogteam
Their new network, Country Music Television made sure of that – ordering another 11 episodes of Dog And Beth: On The Hunt.
05/08/2013 by Dogteam
Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife, Beth, son Leland.are on the hunt in Hutchinson. The Chapmans were spotted leaving downtown Wichita’s Ambassador Hotel on Tuesday afternoon, apparently en route to Hutchinson.
05/06/2013 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI – Famed bounty hunters and reality television stars Duane “Dog” Chapman and wife Beth Chapman spent most of October 2012 in the Jackson area
05/02/2013 by Dogteam
Pink handcuffs, puppy chow and fake tattoos might not be what you’d expect at the office, but it was all part of the fun for CMT’s “Dog Pound” during the premiere of Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.
05/01/2013 by Dogteam
"Dog The Bounty Hunter" now has his own personal Fanpage on Facebook. You can find it at http://www.facebook.com/OfficialDogTheBountyHunter
04/30/2013 by Dogteam
A victim of last weekend’s violent church stabbing in New Mexico narrowly escaped another knife attack while taking part in an upcoming reality show
04/29/2013 by Dogteam
Gerald Madrid is a hero jumping in to protect his choir director. Gerald appears on next week's episode of Dog And Beth.
04/28/2013 by Dogteam
As the closing hymnals at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish in Albuquerque started Lawrence Capener rushed the alter and attacked the choir.
04/28/2013 by Dogteam
“People were running, people were screaming,” Brenda Baca said. “Men were flocking down to the choir loft jumping on top of him trying to protect us. It was unbelievable.
04/25/2013 by Dogteam
The world's most renowned bounty hunters, Dog and Beth Chapman, return to television in an all-new, 11-episode series, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, today at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CMT
04/23/2013 by Dogteam
Fans of CMT’s resident bounty hunters Dog and Beth Chapman are asked to become a part of the official “Dog Pack” with the introduction of a new Facebook app
04/20/2013 by Dogteam
The bulk of Dog's and his wife Beth's time on the job is spent in preparation and in counseling defendants. In each case, the couple would immediately begin doing what they could to help defendants turn their lives around.
04/16/2013 by Dogteam
The Chapmans arrived early for Tuesday morning’s hearing, accompanied by Leland Chapman, one of Duane Chapman’s sons and his partner in Luster’s capture
04/16/2013 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth Chapman, famed television bounty hunters, are back with a vengeance in an all-new, 10-episode series on CMT.
04/10/2013 by Dogteam
The last time fans saw Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman and Beth Chapman on television, their family was falling apart , particularly their relationship with their three kids. The break-up was devastating.
04/09/2013 by Dogteam
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK-- A top bounty hunter makes a stop in Oklahoma. Dozens of fans waited outside Senator Ralph Shortey's (R-Oklahoma City) office as Duane Chapman, or "Dog" the Bounty Hunter paid a visit to the capitol.
04/09/2013 by Dogteam
The Senate recognized Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife Beth for their efforts to establish regulations on bail enforcers and bring fugitives to justice.
04/09/2013 by Dogteam
TV's most famous bounty hunting couple is making a push for stricter regulations on themselves and their peers in Oklahoma.
04/07/2013 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth Chapman attended the ACM Sunday Night in Las Vegas
03/27/2013 by Dogteam
03/20/2013 by Dogteam
While it wasn't much of an acting stretch, it was still fun for fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter to see him on television again.
03/18/2013 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth Chapman were busy today granting video interviews to numerous media outlets. The topics went from the new show on CMT, to the Paparazzi and a guest appearance on Hawaii 50. We have all the links listed for you.
03/13/2013 by Dogteam
Instead, this exclusive clip is from the upcoming episode of "Hawaii Five-0," in which Dog guest-stars along with his real-life wife and assistant, Beth Chapman. And what a perfect fit!
03/12/2013 by Dogteam
We love the new show art featuring, Dog Chapman, wife Beth and son Leland. The new show starts April 21 on CMT. Catch up with the family April 14th at 8pm in the East on CMT
03/12/2013 by Dogteam
Tune into our special "Catch Up with the Chapman Family Special on April 14 on CMT at 8/7c
03/06/2013 by Dogteam
Channel Guide interviews Dog, Beth and Leland Chapman of CMT’s Dog and Beth On the Hunt!
03/01/2013 by Dogteam
Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir who was convicted of rape, has been granted a new sentencing hearing, Now, nearly 10 years after that event, Dog the Bounty Hunter has broken his silence about how he captured Luster
02/18/2013 by Dogteam
Dog, Beth, Leland and Lyssa Chapman will be appearing on an episode of Hawaii 50 this March. The Chapmans spent all day Feb 8th on the set on the number one show here in Honolulu. Very exciting for all
02/14/2013 by Dogteam
Our NEW SERIES with Dog and Beth Chapman and son Leland is coming to CMT this April! They will help struggling bail bondsman companies all over the country and take down dangerous criminals with them. What should the title be?
02/13/2013 by Dogteam
A reality television star dropped into the New Mexico House this morning to show his support for legislation that would regulate bounty hunters, or “fugitive recovery agents.
02/13/2013 by Dogteam
Here are a list of legitimate DOG & related internet accounts. These are the real deal. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Aloha
02/12/2013 by Dogteam
SANTA FE (KRQE) - New Mexico may soon be doing business with bounty hunters with help from "the Dog," a reality TV star who dropped by a legislative meeting in Santa Fe on Wednesday.
02/12/2013 by Dogteam
Duane Chapman - known as reality TV's Dog the Bounty Hunter - said the money will bring in many of his professional colleagues interview.
01/28/2013 by Dogteam
LOS ANGELES – January 5, 2013 – The world’s most notorious bounty hunters, Dog and Beth Chapman, are back with a vengeance in an all-new, 10 episode series, DOG (working title), premiering April 2013 on CMT.
01/27/2013 by Dogteam
TORONTO — Canadian immigration officials have denied U.S. actor Randy Quaid’s request for permanent resident status in Canada.
01/03/2013 by Dogteam
Beth Chapman offers candid insight into the absence of Baby Lyssa and Duane Lee Chapman from the cast of the new show named "DOG"
01/01/2013 by Dogteam
EXCLUSIVE: Dog The Bounty Hunter is back. CMT has greenlighted Dog (working title), a new unscripted series starring Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife Beth Chapman and son Leland
12/22/2012 by Dogteam
On Behalf of DTBH and family and the team here at Dogthebountyhunter.com, Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas )and may God's grace be with you. Make merry not just on this wonderful holiday but all through the year...
12/18/2012 by Dogteam
Lansing, MI (WZZM 13) -- With over 7,000 captures, Duane "Dog" Chapman may be one of the best known bounty hunters in the business including more about the new show
12/14/2012 by Dogteam
MOOSEHEART is a residential childcare facility, located on a 1,000-acre campus 38 miles west of Chicago. The Child City is a home for children and teens in need, from infancy through high school.
11/30/2012 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI – Hundreds of people turned out to witness a passionate speech by famed bounty hunter and reality television star Duane “Dog” Chapman at the Michigan Theatre in Jackson Thursday evening.
11/29/2012 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI — When asked what he thought about Jackson, Dog the Bounty Hunter slid sunglasses resting on his forehead down over his eyes. "I'm going to cry," he said.
11/29/2012 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI — Dog the Bounty Hunter went to Thursday's sentencing of Ricky Wheeldon ready to speak on the former fugitive and convicted felon's behalf.
11/28/2012 by Dogteam
Fans can follow Dog the Bounty Hunter’s appearance at Jackson's Michigan Theatre, 124 N. Mechanic St., on Twitter, as I’ll be posting live updates from my account @ZekeJennings.
11/28/2012 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI – Both Duane “Dog” Chapman and Ricky Wheeldon are expected to appear in court Thursday for Wheeldon’s sentencing
11/28/2012 by Dogteam
The man who fled during his racketeering trial last May is finally sentenced Thursday. Ricky Wheeldon will spend the next 24-50 years behind bars for running a criminal enterprise.
11/26/2012 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI — Facing new charges in connection to his capture, convicted felon and former fugitive Ricky Wheeldon sat in a Jackson County courtroom Wednesday morning.
11/21/2012 by Dogteam
Duane “DOG” Chapman and his wife Beth and son Leland are planning to return for the sentencing of Ricky Wheeldon on Nov. 29. While they’re here, they plan to make an appearance at the Michigan Theatre, 124 N. Mechanic St
11/20/2012 by Dogteam
Dog The Bounty Hunter and son Leland appeared Tuesday on the Bart Hawley show for a chat accompanied by Beth Chapman. It was an enjoyable visit for all
10/26/2012 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI – Bounty hunters Duane “Dog” Chapman and wife Beth Chapman were not the ones who apprehended Ricky Wheeldon. However, they did help track him down.
10/25/2012 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI — Leo Urban received good news this morning. Ricky Wheeldon, who fled during the last day of his trial and left Urban and his bail bonds company on the hook for a $500,000 bond, was arrested just after midnight Wednesday
10/24/2012 by Dogteam
Early this morning in Michigan, convicted felon Ricky Lee Wheeldon was arrested during a traffic stop by State Troopers. Dog Chapman had flown to Michigan to help in the hunt for Wheeldon
10/12/2012 by Dogteam
Fans in Jackson eagerly waited to catch a glimpse of famed bounty hunters Duane "Dog" Chapman and his wife Beth Chapman.
10/09/2012 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI — Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth, met with Jackson County Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson on Tuesday afternoon as the famous bounty-hunting couple continue their search for fugitive and convicted felon Ricky Wheeldon.
10/03/2012 by Dogteam
JACKSON, MI — It might be Dog the Bounty Hunter's direct but patient stop-at-nothing approach to tracking down fugitives that finally brings in Ricky Wheeldon. Or maybe it will be his celebrity status.
09/22/2012 by Dogteam
Duane 'Dog' Chapman has provided advice and guidance to thousands of fans along the way to becoming the World's Greatest Bounty Hunter. Now you have a chance to speak to "Dog" one on one
09/20/2012 by Dogteam
Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) and A&E and the History Channel have parted ways (at least for now) after content carriage negotiations fell through. The result is that Netflix will no longer carry A&E and History Channel programming
09/10/2012 by Dogteam
This is your chance to own an autographed hand signed copy of "You Can Run But You Cant Hide" and "Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given" by best selling Author, Duane "Dog" Chapman. A perfect Christmas gift
08/16/2012 by Dogteam
Duane "Dog" Chapman was expected in the United Kingdom for a reality show gig, but it hasn’t worked out yet
08/14/2012 by Dogteam
HONOLULU - Duane "Dog" Chapman has his bags packed for London, but a murder conviction from the late 1970s is keeping him out of the United Kingdom.
08/12/2012 by Dogteam
US TV presenter's Celebrity Big Brother appearance in doubt after he is denied visa over 1976 murder conviction
08/04/2012 by Dogteam
LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Dog Chapman’s book captured the Best Sellers list this week, again. Duane Dog Chapman became a bestselling author again this week, but for a book released five years ago
08/03/2012 by Dogteam
Famed U.S. bounty hunter and bail bondsman Duane “The Dog” Chapman will make his first trip to Winnipeg Friday
08/02/2012 by Dogteam
Saturday's Block Party in Edgewater with Duane "Dog" Chapman and wife Beth, drew over 7000 fans to the Da Kine Dog House retail store
07/16/2012 by Dogteam
Dog is still a big draw in Colorado.The bounty hunter and his wife, Beth Chapman, still generate long lines and attracts devoted fans
07/15/2012 by Dogteam
Dog is still a big draw in Colorado.The bounty hunter and his wife, Beth Chapman, still generate long lines and attracts devoted fans
07/15/2012 by Dogteam
Dog is still a big draw in Colorado.The bounty hunter and his wife, Beth Chapman, still generate long lines and attracts devoted fans
07/11/2012 by Dogteam
Free Meet & Greet in Denver with Dog The Bounty Hunter and Family - July 14th in Edgewater, CO!
07/03/2012 by Dogteam
Local fans (San Diego) of the A&E hit series, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” are in for a treat on July 8,
06/21/2012 by Dogteam
PBus presents DR. Tim Storey and Duane "DOG" Chapman for one night only in San Diego,
06/07/2012 by Dogteam
Denver Dog House Grand Opening July 14th, 2pm to 6pm, 2547 Sheridan Blvd. Edgewater, Colorado
06/07/2012 by Dogteam
Don't miss one of the final few episodes of DTBH this Saturday on A&E. The show may be canceled but there are a few episodes left. Don't miss this very special presentation.
05/22/2012 by Dogteam
On behalf of Duane "Dog" and Beth Chapman, here is a statement:
05/21/2012 by Dogteam
The following is an exclusive statement from Duane 'Dog' Chapman and his wife Beth to Hawaii News Now:
05/20/2012 by Dogteam
"Dog the Bounty Hunter" will have to bust perps without reality cameras following him.
05/17/2012 by Dogteam
Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman and his family have been the target of threatening and terrifying e-mails the past few weeks, leading to an FBI investigation,
05/15/2012 by Dogteam
Duane and Beth Chapman, of A&E Television Network’s hit series DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER, met with a VIP today at their bail bonds office – 8-year-old Logan from Illinois
05/06/2012 by Dogteam
Sunday, July 8th at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. Book signing by DOG to follow.
04/29/2012 by Dogteam
On Thursday evening, April 26, 2012, two brothers who worked for their Father's Bail Bond Business were shot to death while pursing a fugitive in Bakersfield. Memorial and Funeral Fund Donations welcomed. Click on story for donation details
04/27/2012 by Dogteam
The Bakersfield Police Department is searching for the following suspect for two counts of murder: Stephen Michael Stewart, 26.
04/26/2012 by Dogteam
LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The return of Duane Lee Chapman alongside Leland Chapman skyrocketed Dog the Bounty Hunter ratings this week.
04/26/2012 by Dogteam
The world's most famous bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman, and his posse mean business. We're not just talking about their rough and tough ways in tracking down fugitives. We're talking about an actual business.
04/22/2012 by Dogteam
The Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Entertainment Law Section honored Marty Singer as its Entertainment Lawyer Of The Year
04/22/2012 by Dogteam
Season 8 of " Dog The Bounty Hunter" returns to AETV on Wednesday, April 25th. In a dramatic fashion, the tension is taking it's toll on the Chapman Family. Don't miss the most explosive shows yet !
04/16/2012 by Dogteam
LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Dog and Beth Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter) are reacting to the Gary Lozow rescue by heroes Brandon Skalak, Omar Salgado and two othe
04/15/2012 by Dogteam
A prominent Denver lawyer whose vehicle rolled into Cherry Creek over the weekend was in the hospital in fair condition on Monday morning.
04/09/2012 by Dogteam
The drama and emotional journey continues this Wednesday for the Chapman family, on "Dog The Bounty Hunter"
04/07/2012 by Dogteam
Instagram is a photo sharing app available for Android and Iphones. Follow the family there for some candid behind the scenes photos
04/02/2012 by Dogteam
How the presence of an official Dog the Bounty Hunter merchandise store within 3.5 miles of my home has escaped my knowledge until now, I'm not sure.
04/01/2012 by Dogteam
For all woman who want truthful answers about life about fashion Shoes and the search for the right bra, and everything in between. Now you can ask Auntie (Beth) on Twitter @AskYoAuntie
03/14/2012 by Dogteam
Happy St Patrick's Day from Tim Chapman and family. Taken by Dog on St Patrick''s day in Hawaii
03/03/2012 by Dogteam
Contact HI Senators via email and phone and politely ask them to vote NO on HB 2514
03/01/2012 by Dogteam
In order to clear things up for fans, we have posted a list of genuine DOG related Twitter accounts. This list will be updated from time to time.
02/25/2012 by Dogteam
Da Dakine Dog House is the official merchandise store of "Dog The Bounty Hunter" There are two locations to serve you. One is in Hawaii and the other is in Denver. We also have the web store at http://www.thebountystore.com/
02/23/2012 by Dogteam
02/22/2012 by Dogteam
Congratulations to Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth Chapman for their award for appreciation, dedication, commitment & leadership to the "Professional Bail Agents Of The United States Of America"
02/18/2012 by Dogteam
The fan club has been hopping !! Here is a great video on what we offer and how to join and what the packages include. Great fun and good times. Click on the headline below
02/10/2012 by Dogteam
The bounty-hunting Chapman family may, at first glance, seem unlikely advocates for gay marriage, but on "Dog The Bounty Hunter" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on A&E) they threw their weight behind the NOH8 Campaign.
02/07/2012 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty hunter and his wife Beth are lending their support to a bill that they say many other bounty hunters do not support.
02/03/2012 by Dogteam
People turn to crime for any number of reasons, and Duane "Dog" Chapman and his team of bounty hunters don't often get to hear their perps' backstories
02/02/2012 by Dogteam
Today February 2 is the birthday of Duane "Dog" Chapman. Please send him your birthday wishes at Twitter @DOGBOUNTYHUNTER
01/26/2012 by Dogteam
UPDATE: Kansas Police are searching for a man they say shot a bounty hunter Wednesday night in the 3400 block of East Munger
01/26/2012 by Dogteam
Duane Chapman has built a fortune and a reputation as "Dog The Bounty Hunter" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on A&E). Together with wife Beth and kids, Duane Lee, Leland and Lyssa, catching fugitives is the Chapman family business
01/25/2012 by Dogteam
Check out the new DA KINE DOG HOUSE page on Facebook. Information on our new Hawaii location as well as the new store in Denver and our online store that delivers world wide.
01/20/2012 by Dogteam
Last night "Dog The Bounty Hunter" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on A&E) Duane Chapman and his team were in Hawaii on the trail of a fugitive who was known to be a fast runner.
01/17/2012 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth as photographed by the Paparazzi in Los Angeles
01/05/2012 by Dogteam
NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 5, 2012 – Wednesday night’s eighth season premiere of the hit real life series “Dog the Bounty Hunter” was watched by an incredible 2.9 million total viewers and 1.7 million adults 18-49 and 25-54
01/03/2012 by Dogteam
A Santa Barbara County Superior Court judge ruled today that $1 million in bond money will be forfeited in the criminal case against actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi.
01/03/2012 by Dogteam
The world's most famous bounty hunter, Duane "Dog" Chapman, is back with action-packed, high-stakes hunts from Hawaii to Colorado, tracking down fugitives along side his wife Beth and fearless family-based posse.
01/02/2012 by Dogteam
Please check out this quiz and email us your scores at dogadminteam@gmail.com Who is the Superfan ?
12/23/2011 by Dogteam
Honolulu, HI – DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER stars Duane “Dog” & Beth Chapman will be appearing on CHELSEA LATELY tonight
12/12/2011 by Dogteam
This Christmas Eve at 3pm EST, AETV is presenting a Special Television Event" "The Search For Santa" with "Dog The Bounty Hunter" and family. Don't miss a new Christmas tradition and a mini marathon !!
12/08/2011 by Dogteam
Tune in Friday to the OWN Network at 7pm EST to see Dog and Beth's appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell show.
12/07/2011 by Dogteam
Allegations against former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky haven’t been discussed by too many celebrities, but Beth Chapman definitely has some thoughts on the incident
11/21/2011 by Dogteam
Patrick Sullivan was the kind of lawman Coloradoans loved:
11/16/2011 by Dogteam
A live interview with Dog Chapman from Thursday, August 17, 2011 with Rita Crosby on Nationally Syndicated radio talking about Penn State, Bail and the Upcoming New Season
11/16/2011 by Dogteam
Penn State Scandal: Mother Of Alleged Jerry Sandusky Victim Claims Mistreatment By Son’s School. A MUST READ
11/15/2011 by Dogteam
Chapman has more than 169,000 Twitter followers, and this week her attention turned to the Penn State child sex abuse scandal
11/15/2011 by Dogteam
Beth Chapman will be on the nationally syndicated radio program, "The Rita Cosby Show" Tuesday, November 15th from 5-6pm eastern time. She is taking your calls at: 1 800 321 8828.
11/14/2011 by Dogteam
"Dog The Bounty Hunter" returns to the UK and Ireland on Monday, November 28th, 2011 on channel SKY 2
11/14/2011 by Dogteam
Former Penn State University football coach Jerry Sandusky is out on bail. He's accused of sexually abusing at least eight kids over a 15-year period
11/14/2011 by Dogteam
The Centre County district judge who freed former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on bond after his Nov. 5 arrest is a supporter and volunteer of Second Mile, the children's charity Sandusky founded.
11/13/2011 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty Hunter Season 8 gets a December 14, 2011 debut date
11/08/2011 by Dogteam
Freda Poundstone, the former lawmaker, lobbyist and GOP activist who fought to keep Denver from annexing its surrounding suburbs, has died.
11/07/2011 by Dogteam
Fans Flock To Hawaii Kai For Grand Opening
11/06/2011 by Dogteam
Inmates stacked up in county jails awaiting transfer to state prison could be costing counties millions of dollars a year or more.
11/03/2011 by Dogteam
Duane and Beth Chapman will be opening their new “Dog the Bounty Hunter” logo goods store – DA KINE DOG HOUSE – at Koko Marina this Saturday
11/01/2011 by Dogteam
HONOLULU -- The gate outside the home of Duane Chapman has a gold-plated sheriff badge with the signature golden locks and black sunglasses included
10/24/2011 by Dogteam
Duane Chapman has released the following statement re being awarded temporary custody of his grandson.
10/23/2011 by Dogteam
Dog The Bounty Hunter Wins Custody Of Grandson After Shocking Audio Tape Surfaces
10/19/2011 by Dogteam
State finds that officer who opened fire on him didn’t break any laws
09/21/2011 by Dogteam
Santa Barbara - Reality TV star "Dog" The Bounty Hunter is now going after Randy and Evi Quaid. He wants them back in Santa Barbara
09/20/2011 by Dogteam
Dog The Bounty Hunter and wife Beth Chapman attended the Charlie Sheen Roast.
09/14/2011 by Dogteam
As one of the world's most popular bounty hunters, they don't come much bigger than the Dog
09/11/2011 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth attended their friend Charlie Sheen's Roast last night in Los Angeles
09/10/2011 by Dogteam
Dog's wife and co-star, Beth Chapman, went on to say: "We met over 20 years ago at a mutual friends and we’ve been friends ever since. He’s on his way up and that’s the important thing, he’s gotten over his set-backs so we’re here to celebrate that."
08/17/2011 by Dogteam
Canada's Cuppa Coffee Studios has developed a stop motion animated comedy action series based on A&E reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter.
08/14/2011 by Dogteam
The premiere of the Dancing with the Stars 2011 Fall season is still six weeks away, but the hit reality show's official website is challenging fans to cast the new slate of celebrity participants.
08/08/2011 by Dogteam
A video has surfaced that documents Fullerton police beating a homeless man near the Fullerton Bus Depot in early July
08/08/2011 by Dogteam
FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- The FBI is joining the investigation in the case of a homeless man who died following a struggle with Fullerton police.
08/08/2011 by Dogteam
Fullerton, Calif. - On Thursday, a disturbing video was posted on YouTube that documents the horrific beating homeless man Kelly Thomas
08/01/2011 by DogTeam
Lexington police say that they have located a woman who was reportedly abducted late Saturday night and returned her safely to her family.
08/01/2011 by Will
A 22-year-old man was arrested Friday after a 10-hour standoff with SWAT officers at a motel on Tucson's south side.
08/01/2011 by Will
Bail collections are up. Caseloads down. A report credits changes prompted by an Inquirer series.
07/13/2011 by Dogteam
Wanted out of Colorado for Burglary with a weapon (Armed Burglary) . Please send tips to Dog.
06/22/2011 by Dogteam
Ex-convict, TV star to share stories, outtakes from show with Metro audience
06/20/2011 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty Hunter shared with them his own story and reminded them of the ability they all have to make changes in their lives.
06/17/2011 by Dogteam
If you have information on this Fugitive, please contact at dogadminteam@gmail.com
06/16/2011 by Dogteam
Montel Williams had an education show with purpose. If you would like to see him back on tv, please go to Facebook and "like" the page in this article
06/08/2011 by Dogteam
Through the proliferation of reality television, tens of millions of people have become voyeurs to society's previously unfamiliar segments. The bail bonds industry, in particular, has been touched by this modern day phenomenon.
06/07/2011 by Dogteam
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There are several of them in downtown Jacksonville alone - bail bonding companies.
06/06/2011 by Dogteam
A local bail bondsman shot and killed on the job last month was remembered Saturday at a funeral service.
06/05/2011 by Dogteam
Denver Police ID Suspect In Girl's Abduction, Sex Assault
06/02/2011 by Dogteam
Family members of one of two bondsmen who were shot by Jacksonville police more than a week ago gave their account Thursday of the shooting
06/01/2011 by Dogteam
A 28-year-old Cleveland man wanted in connection for the May 21 shooting of two unarmed bail-bondsmen was arrested Thursday
05/26/2011 by Dogteam
News of local bail bondsman Tony Cooks' shooting death has caught the attention of one of the most famous bondsman in history.
05/25/2011 by Dogteam
Dog's family says they're offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the fugitive the bondsmen were trying to arrest on Tuesday morning
05/25/2011 by Dogteam
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is looking into why three bail bondsmen were wearing masks and all black while searching for a suspect Tuesday morning.
05/25/2011 by Dogteam
I am appalled by this story. One man is Dead and another in critical condition! Are you kidding me? They are looking into what they were wearing??? What a joke!
05/24/2011 by Dogteam
A&E is in the business of hoarding — or at least capturing it on video — so it makes sense that the network is stockpiling its lineup. Eleven series will return and 10 new ones will be added to the lineup by the end of the year,
05/23/2011 by Dogteam
Cleveland police are looking for a fugitive who they say shot two bounty hunters in Cleveland Saturday night.
05/23/2011 by Dogteam
One Bounty Hunter is dead, a second in critical condition, after a police involved shooting in St. Nicholas.
05/17/2011 by Dogteam
Nicolas Cage is off the hook. He will not be charged with a crime.
05/11/2011 by Dogteam
Due to time limitations, Colorado Bail Bill #186 is dead.
05/09/2011 by Dogteam
This story is every reason why Senate Bill 186, which would radically alterif not completely destroy — the commercial bail-bond industry in Colorado, should die today.
05/06/2011 by Dogteam
You can help save Bail in Colorado. Save private business people in Colorado like Maryellen, Dean and many others. Bill #186 could cost up to 5000 jobs in Colorado.
05/04/2011 by Dogteam
Here are a list of Colorado Senators that voted to put Bail Bondsman and Bounty Hunters out of commission by taking over their business.
04/28/2011 by Dogteam
We do not need another government takeover of another private industry
04/27/2011 by Dogteam
Dog The Bounty Hunter’ says he may be forced into retirement if a Colorado politician’s bill is voted into law and while the pol is ducking Dog, the fugitive-chaser’s fans are hounding him!
04/26/2011 by Dogteam
Legislators and let us be frank here — care not one whit about whether a poor man can afford to get himself out of jail. Unless, of course, this concern serves them
04/26/2011 by Dogteam
Duane "Dog" Chapman isn't just busy yanking criminals off the street -- he's fighting the politicians trying to put them back on the street!
04/22/2011 by Dogteam
The Senate Appropriations Committee voted 5-2 along party lines to move the alternative bonding bill to the Senate Floor today.
04/19/2011 by Dogteam
Another look at the Bi-partisan Bill Threatening Professional Bail Agents and Bounty Hunters in Colorado.
04/17/2011 by Dogteam
In the midst of a recession and generally public uncertainty, SB186 would put our local courthouses in the bail-bonding business
04/16/2011 by Dogteam
Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman isn't just good for locking up the bad guys….he'll also bail out a friend in need. Literally
04/04/2011 by Dogteam
The network which includes Dog The Bounty Hunter, scores the best quarter in network history
04/03/2011 by Dogteam
Former Brechin bad boy Christian Matlock has turned the corner and moved to America to catch criminals inspired by DTBH
03/27/2011 by Dogteam
Who would have thought that Dog the Bounty Hunter and the crazy crew of Dakine Bonds would be a major news source for Hawaii Tsunami news?
03/13/2011 by Dogteam
This episode is the first time I’ve been able to catch up with the Dog in weeks, but oh, what a great reintroduction to the show this was…
03/08/2011 by Dogteam
Dog the Bounty Hunter’ romped around the mountains of Colorado on the return of the A&E show Wednesday night. The popular bounty hunter Dog Chapman, Beth Chapman and his crew were out looking for a jumper with a million dollar bounty.
03/04/2011 by Dogteam
Looking for Dog and Posse online ? Here is the information
02/28/2011 by Will
Reality star Duane “Dog” Chapman of A&E’s fast-paced, bail bonds television show, Dog the Bounty Hunter, made a stop at Sugar Factory at Paris Las Vegas (Photo credit: Sugar Factory).
02/22/2011 by Will
Tyler from Southern California , an aspiring bounty hunter and huge Dog fan, stops by the Bounty Store booth at the 2011 PBUS convention
02/09/2011 by Dogteam
Come see Dog and Beth in Las Vegas At The PBUS Convention. Learn how to become a Bondsman or Bounty Hunter. Meet and Greet with the Chapman's. One time only
01/28/2011 by Dogteam
The 200th Episode of "Dog The Bounty Hunter" scored high in the ratings Wednesday Night on A&E.
01/27/2011 by Dogteam
Hawaii News Now Reports On Dog's 200th Episode. A Milestone For "Dog The Bounty Hunter"
01/22/2011 by Dogteam
"Dog The Bounty Hunter" Celebrates it's 200th Episode January 26th beginning at 8PM EST
01/21/2011 by Dogteam
Dog and Beth appeared on Joy Behar Jan 17 to talk about the 200th episode of "Dog The Bounty Hunter"
01/19/2011 by Dogteam
Police have arrested NJ "Cop Killer" Busted in Lakewood
01/15/2011 by Will
Massive manhunt for man who shot NJ cop to death
01/07/2011 by Will
Gordon Suleiman owned a bail bond company in Okeechobee. He was also a bounty hunter. He was searching for Lewis Koty, a man with an outstanding warrant for his arrest.
01/01/2011 by Dogteam
SKY HD is the new home to Dog The Bounty Hunter In the UK
12/28/2010 by Dogteam
Tune In For A Special Two Hour Episode of Dog Wednesday Dec 29th at 8 PM Est
12/21/2010 by Will
Beth is furious when she realizes that Bill Zucker, the infamous TP Bandit, is in town and at it again.
12/19/2010 by Will
NOVA SCOTIA CASINO -- Tickets available at the Ticket Atlantic Box Office, charge by phone (902) 451-1221, at all participating Atlantic Superstores and online at www.ticketatlantic.com.
12/09/2010 by Dogteam
Dog And Posse Captures One Of Hawaii's Most Wanted
10/20/2010 by Will
Enter our 2010 Dog the Bounty Hunter Halloween costume contest. Just send us a photo of the costume and you'll be entered.
10/17/2010 by Will
Beth took time out to join her daughter Cecily in the 2010 Hawaii Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Run
10/16/2010 by Will
Dog unfortunately had to cancel his scheduled appearance at Casino Nova Scotia on October 22nd, due to complications from a serious leg injury.
10/04/2010 by Will
“Dog the Bounty Hunter”, A&E’s hit Real-Life series, is returning with a brand new season beginning Wednesday, October 6, at 9PM ET/PT, with a special one-hour premiere.
10/02/2010 by Will
Duane 'Dog' Chapman, star of A&E’s highest rated series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, has been admitted to the UCLA Medical Center.
08/22/2010 by Will
The Official Dog the Bounty Hunter Program is 52 pages of never before seen, behind the scenes color photos of Dog and his family.
08/21/2010 by Dogteam
A man who failed several times to appear in Mesa County District Court is lodged in Mesa County Jail on a $1 million bond after he was taken into custody by Duane Chapman, television’s “Dog the Bounty Hunter.
07/02/2010 by Will
Duane “Dog” Chapman pulled no punches sharing his message with the crowd at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on Thursday night.
06/05/2010 by Will
1000's of photos from the 2010 Book Tour are now available for sale and download.
05/31/2010 by Will
Duane “Dog” Chapman, star of the wildly popular hit A&E reality television series Dog The Bounty Hunter, will be making one of two Ontario appearances this summer in London and Thunder Bay.
05/23/2010 by Will
E! True Hollywood Story: Dog The Bounty Hunter premieres on May 24, at 10:00 p.m., ET/PT
04/20/2010 by Will
Dog and Beth have asked that we post the many group photos taken on the book tour and make them free to all fan club members.
04/13/2010 by Will
The book signing tour for Dog's new book has wrapped up, but was a huge success!!!
04/10/2010 by DOGTEAM
04/03/2010 by Will
Dog & Beth, along with Leland and Duane Lee are winding down the 2010 book tour. Check out these great photos.
03/24/2010 by Will
Join Dog, Beth, Leland and Duane Lee at their private receptions in FT Worth and Houston
03/20/2010 by Dogteam
Details for Mondays Signings . Locations changes in Fort Wayne And Muncie, Indiana
03/18/2010 by Will
As part of the 2010 book signing tour, Dog is making several exciting stops, including the Chelsea Lately show on Thursday March 18th.
03/16/2010 by Will
Dog, Beth and the posse are planning a special meet & greet reception at their Houston & Ft Worth stops.
03/15/2010 by Will
The 2010 'Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given' book signing tour kicked off on Sunday at Barnes & Noble in Honolulu.
03/09/2010 by Will
Special offer for Fan Club members on the upcoming book tour
03/03/2010 by DOGTeam
Help Dog get a Visa so he and the Posse can visit fans in the UK who are requesting a visit. This petition has been started by fans.
02/27/2010 by Will
Meet Dog, Beth and the Crew while they're on their March tour for his new book 'Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given'  [Schedule]
02/12/2010 by will
The Chapman household welcomes a new member.
01/22/2010 by Will
Dog's next book is due out March 16th
12/24/2009 by Will
From our family, to yours. We wish you all the best!
12/17/2009 by Will
You won't believe how special Beth made the house for Christmas!!!
12/16/2009 by Dog Team
Dog and Beth's daughter celebrates her birthday today in Honolulu.
12/03/2009 by Will
You could hear Dog the Bounty Hunter coming down Hollywood Boulevard way before you could see him at the illustrious Hollywood Christmas Parade last night on November 29th.
11/25/2009 by Will
11/24/2009 by Will
Duane "Dog" Chapman of "Dog the Bounty Hunter," at the early performance of "Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular" (The Venetian) on Monday in third-row center seats with his family.
11/19/2009 by Will
Season 6 is as exciting as ever with more action, bigger chases and take downs like you've never seen before. Take a look at this sneak paek from A&E Television
11/12/2009 by Will
Dog the Bounty Hunter and family and crew have become a popular part of Halloween.
11/10/2009 by Will
Rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster claims his criminal defense attorney coerced him into fleeing prosecution by telling him he was likely to be killed in prison.
11/08/2009 by Will
Dog the Bounty Hunter official store is now open at www.thebountystore.com. Check out Dog's November special.
09/22/2009 by Will
Beth joins Dog at a community meeting to help ease fears and ask members to be alert and vigalent.
09/20/2009 by Will
The Fan Club is pleased to announce the new Dog the Bounty Hunter Fan Forum
09/16/2009 by Dogteam
The community of Kamehameha Homes Housing was rocked by the murder of 18-year-old Iris Rodrigues-Kaikana's, but dealing with the tragedy may be easier with the supportive visit of Duane and Beth Chapman.
09/08/2009 by Will
Tune in tonight, Tuesday, Sept 8th, as Entertainment Tonight covers Baby Lyssa's wedding. The wedding will also be shown on the September 9th episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E Television.
08/24/2009 by Will
The new Bounty Store is ready and open for business
08/23/2009 by Dogteam
The case of a celebrity fugitive wanted for murder has captured the attention of television's most famous bounty hunter who is ready and willing to join the manhunt.
08/20/2009 by Dogteam
Lyssa Chapman Gives Birth
08/14/2009 by Dogteam
Welcome to the new and improved Dog the Bounty Hunter Fan Club. All members from the last club are automaticallly members, with a 6 month extension. We'll be taking new members soon.
07/17/2009 by Will
VANCOUVER - When Duane Chapman takes centre stage Saturday at the Red Robinson Theatre for his one-man show, Dog the Bounty Hunter: Unleashed, expect the unexpected.
06/16/2009 by Will
Beth and Duane Chapman were special guests on the Hannity Show on Fox News in June.
05/29/2009 by Will
Children's wishes don't typically come in the form of tattoos, blond locks and a surly attitude, but that's exactly what Brody Chapman wanted when he asked to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter.
04/22/2009 by Will
35-year-old U.S. bail jumper Hoang Nguyen will likely to face attempted homicide charges after he shot at famed TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman to escape capture Tuesday.
09/27/2007 by Will
He's the world's most famous bounty hunter. His television show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter," is now in its fourth hit season.
09/26/2006 by Will
TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman doesn't want to be extradited to Mexico on illegal detention charges, so he's prepared to offer an apology south of the border instead, says Brook Hart, Chapman's lawyer.
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